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Trending Topics Jobs & Tralalobe build sustaining relationships between refugees and welcoming companies.

Our mission is to assist refugees and welcoming companies in Austria to not only connect with each other, but to build long-term connections.

How Tralalobe can help you in the Application & Onboarding Process

Since March 2022, when Trending Topics Jobs first started offering free of charge jobs for all European companies for people affected by the war in Ukraine, we have onboarded around 350 companies and 570 jobs offers are displayed on the website (April 2022), providing access to various industries such as Tourism, Innovation jobs or jobs in construction. Our main goal is to be inclusive of every person with humanitarian residence permit in Austria. In Partnership with Tralalobe we not only want to connect displaced individuals with welcoming companies but also guide and support them and companies along the way. Find out more about the services and support Tralalobe offers for applicants and companies below.

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