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Does your heart skip a beat when reading terms such as tech, startups, e-mobility or crypto? Well, ours too! As one of the fastest-growing digital media houses in Europe, Trending Topics reports comprehensively, quickly and qualitatively on all the topics that are relevant to the innovation landscape.

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With Trending Topics you can reach both talents as well as companies who share a passion for digitization, technology and innovation. We bring together employers and qualified candidates from leading industries and rapidly growing sectors that enforce innovation and sustainable solutions in every aspect of their work. We embrace the jobs of the future and strive for a flexible and highly qualitative work environment.

Expanding Horizons internationally

With a growing network of over 450.000 companies, startups, and professionals in Central and Eastern Europe, we have set a mission to connect innovative businesses from diverse industries with aspiring talents across Europe. Our platform is a chance for both individuals and companies to grow internationally and explore the large pool of career opportunities.

Jobs that inspire

Once a startup ourselves, we are aware of the importance for every team and individual to improve, grow, and inspire. We want to help talents find the best fit for their professional development and join a team that would nurture, motivate, and support their ideas, skills and dreams. Full-time, part-time, work from home or freelance - what is your best fit?

What's Tech & Nature about?

Take a look at our sustainability portal called Tech & Nature, where we want to move the spotlight on solutions and actions for a brighter tomorrow. How? By connecting changemakers, discussing fresh ideas and providing our community with fact-based inform

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