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What is the scope of this job platform? Is it just European or Worldwide?

The platform is targeting European companies and job seekers with a working permission in the EU. For the Austrian market, we offer further support for refugees and participating companies in cooperation with Tralalobe. Our support includes connecting and consulting both parties throughout the application and hiring process up to 6 months after employment with the goal to build long-term connections.

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Are job postings free of charge?

All job postings are free of charge. You can add our Heroes Job for free to share your job ad on the pan-European startup career platform for a larger reach. We also offer support for companies and refugees throughout the application process and 6 months after hiring a refugee.

Get to know the packages and prices for companies here:

What are the main fields of posted jobs?

Initially, the job platform targets companies and job seekers from the innovation sector. Nevertheless, jobs are free of charge for all industries in order to help refugees with a working permission in the EU. On our job platform you can find jobs in tourism, in construction, but also in marketing and IT.

How do I post a job as a company?

  1. Create a company account.
  2. Click the verification link in the email to activate the account. This is crucial - otherwise you cannot proceed with posting a job. 
  3. Complete the company / organization information.
  4. Job posting – choose between template, pdf, or a link. Your job will be posted for free (if you haven't chosen an upgrade) after the check out.

What is included in the different types of industries? 

  • ConsumerTech: Clothing, Textiles, Fashion, Apparel, Consumer Products, Food and Beverage
  • DeepTech: AI & Machine Learning, Security & Cyber Security, Nano, Quantum, Analytics
  • FinTech: Finance, InsurTech, Financial Technology, Accounting, Banking
  • GreenTech: Energy/Mobility, AgTech, CleanTech, Waste Management
  • HealthTech: Biotechnology/BioTech, Healthcare, Pharma, Laboratory Technology, Healthcare Sector, Life Sciences, Medical Technology
  • HRTech: New Work
  • IndustrialTech: Aerospace, Chemistry/Plastics, Industrial Technology, Production, Hardware, Electronics/Electrical Engineering, Automotive, IoT, Manufacturing
  • Marketplace: Tourism, Trade, Education/EdTech, Travel & Tourism
  • MediaTech: Telecommunications, Media and Creative Industries, Advertising, Communities, Entertainment, Publishing and News
  • Mobility: Transport/Logistics
  • PropTech: Real Estate, Property, Architecture
  • VC: Venture Capital Fund

After posting my job, I see an error in the job description. What can I do? 

When posting a new job using a link, please make sure that your websites content can be embedded in other websites. Here is an explanation you can share with your team for the job ad to be displayed correctly:

You are serving the page withX-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN which is why we can't embed your job offer onto our platform. To make this work without losing security you could remove the X-Frame-OptionsHeader and replace it with aContent-Security-PolicyHeader. Here is an example of how it could look like:

Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self'
Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self'

Alternatively, you can upload your jobs choosing the option “upload job per template”. For this option, you simply need to copy/paste your job description. 

How do I create my CV as a job seeker?

  1. Create your account here by providing your email address and password. You can change both later.
  2. Verify your account by going to your email inbox and clicking the verification link in your welcome email.
  3. Enter your resume information in your dashboard to create your online CV so recruiters can find you more easily!