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Trending Topics & Tralalobe connect welcoming employers in Austria and people with a humanitarian residence permit.

Our job platform assists refugees and employers not only by connecting them with each other but also by helping them sustain this connection.

What is the story behind?

Trending Topics & Tralalobe: The Perfect Match for Refugee-friendly Jobs

We - Trending Topics - started with "Our hearts skip a beat when reading about tech, startups, e-mobility, or crypto". Our hearts have been torn apart. Seeing what people in Ukraine have to go through in the face of war - leaving their dreams, their homes, and families behind in order to survive. We wanted and still want to help people affected by the war in Ukraine. As a small Startup in Austria, we decided to take a step back from our so beloved topics and provide a Job platform for connections that help people affected by the war in Ukraine. Having a job, having an income is an opportunity for Ukrainian war migrants to start building a new life. With Trending Topics Jobs, we wanted to connect European employers with people affected by the war in Ukraine. We still want to support people affected by the war in Ukraine but we want to go further. In April 2022 we met with Tralalobe. Tralalobe supports refugees, LGBTIQ asylum seekers, young adults in education, families, psychologically stressed people in a first step by providing independent and fair legal advice, sheltered housing and German language learning courses in Austria. In addition, they arrange training and jobs and help individually with personal concerns, including psychological support.

How Tralalobe can help you in the Application & Onboarding Process

Since March 2022, when Trending Topics Jobs first started offering free of charge jobs for all European companies for people affected by the war in Ukraine, we have onboarded around 350 companies and 570 jobs offers are displayed on the website (April 2022), providing access to various industries such as Tourism, Innovation jobs or jobs in construction. Our main goal is to be inclusive of every person with humanitarian residence permit in Austria. In Partnership with Tralalobe we not only want to connect displaced individuals with welcoming companies but also guide and support them and companies along the way. Find out more about the services and support Tralalobe offers for applicants below and for companies.

Personal consultation

Personal Consultation

Does the Austrian labor market seem very overwhelming to you? Or do you feel like you would need some psychological support and guidance? Then get in touch with a Tralalobe Buddy who will support you throughout the entire application and onboarding process.



How do you apply in Austria? What do you have to pay attention to? What must be included in any case and what not? These are questions you deal with? Don't worry - we can support you here too!

Other support

Other Support

Whether it's about finding a German course, furthering your professional education in general or legal advise, we have compiled a list of helping partners for you.